Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO

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Search engine optimization should be a vital part of any business's online marketing strategy, but it can be tough to keep ahead of the game. Search engines are always evolving and improving with the goal of giving visitors the best results. This means tactics for SEO change regularly, and businesses must stay on top of these changes to remain competitive.

3dcart takes much of the guesswork out of SEO by building top-of-the-line SEO tools directly into our platform. Every part of a 3dcart store is crafted to bring the highest-quality customer experience to shoppers and simultaneously draw the attention of search engines. With 3dcart, you can appeal to both humans and algorithms, without sacrificing for either. Rest assure your business runs on the best ecommerce platform for SEO

The best ecommerce platform for SEO

The best ecommerce platform for SEO
  • AMP for Products

    The power of Accelerated Mobile Pages brought to your online store. AMP pages load at blazing-fast speeds, appearing almost instantaneously to your visitors. Version 8 enhances your product pages with AMP, benefiting your customers as well as your search rankings.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Mobile browsing and shopping are the future. 3dcart's responsive design ensures full compatibility on all devices, allowing you to tap into the mobile audience and sell across more platforms, everywhere. Mobile-friendly web sites have a significant advantage in search results.

  • Custom Page URLs for Products

    3dcart product URLs are structured with SEO in mind and are ready to customize with product names or keywords. Human-readable URLs make for a better visitor experience and contribute to higher search engine rankings

  • PageSpeed Optimized

    3dcart stores follow best practices for PageSpeed as outlined by Google, ensuring the maximum possible page load speed across your entire site. This contributes to your visitors' experience and provides a bonus to your search engine rankings.

  • Content Pages

    3dcart lets you create unlimited content pages to add relevant information to your site. With content pages, you can provide evergreen content that will add value to your site and contribute to your search engine rankings over both short- and long-term.

Seamless, effective SEO included in every part of your store


Product category names are used while building URLs, making them more human-readable for a better user experience. You can also hide category headers and footers from pagination to prevent search engines from penalizing for duplicate content.

Dynamic and Fully Customizable Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs prevent SEO penalties for having multiple overly-similar pages on your site, which can easily happen in an online store. 3dcart has this functionality built in, so you can refer search engines to a single page to optimize your rankings.

Brands Pages and Blog Posts

Brands pages let you list your products by manufacturer, and blog posts are a fantastic way to keep adding value to your site through fresh content. Both will help your site rank for pertinent search terms, increasing your online store's visibility.

Meta Tags

Meta tags apply important page attributes like the page title and description as seen in search engine results pages. With 3dcart you can customize these easily, to boost SEO rankings and make your search listing more attractive to click on.


Page title attributes are fully customizable to allow you to add relevant keywords and more, rather than simply being generated from the name of the product. With this feature, you can rank for more searches by crafting your page titles to be descriptive and helpful.

Google XML Sitemap updated to latest standards

An XML Sitemap is vital for search engines to properly index your site, and 3dcart is on top of the latest technical requirements for this critical SEO feature. 3dcart's included sitemap follows current standards to provide the highest benefit possible to your online store.

H1 and Alt Tags

Alt attributes for images are automatically generated with product names, ensuring your site meets accessibility standards and providing a rankings boost. H1 tags are applied to the main headings on every page, drawing search engine attention. Structure Data

3dcart sites have built-in support for the initiative, providing informative structure data to search engines to help them determine what your site is about. This guarantees more relevant search results and puts your site in front of more interested visitors.

The best features for boosting your rankings


RSS Content Reader

The RSS Reader feature allows you to add targeted content from any RSS feeds like Yahoo News, Google News, MSN News, etc. Content is updated in real time and displayed as part of your site. RSS feeds properly used as content and relevant to your website are safe with search engines, and great for your visitors.

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Optimized Catalog

3dCart produces Yahoo! Shopping, Google Base,,, Shopzilla/Bizrate, Nextag, and Pricegrabber Feed Generators.

SEO Friendly HTML URLs

SEO Friendly HTML URLs

3DCart e-Commerce solution generates HTML URLs for all your pages. HTML pages are crawled better by the search engines and achieve a better ranking. In addition to this, the page names are search engine optimized using the Categories and Products names to build these URLs. You're also able to customize the page names to include specific keywords.

Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP Address

Having your own IP address is really important, some search engines could ban a site based on the IP address and this could affect other non-related websites sharing the same IP.

Tight security, smooth redirects, and control over indexing robots

The best ecommerce platform for SEO
  • Sitewide HTTPS

    Recent Google updates made security more important than ever before, ranking HTTPS higher than HTTP on all counts. 3dcart stores are secured with HTTPS sitewide, providing a rankings boost and presenting a safe shopping environment to your customers.

  • 301 Redirects with 404 Auto-detect

    Need to change a URL without losing accumulated ranking power? Use a 301 Redirect to ensure that the old URL still goes to the moved page, preserving most of your rank. Automatically detect 404 errors and redirect your customers to another page for a seamless shopping experience.

  • Fully customizable Robots.txt

    You can freely edit the Robots.txt file, giving you complete control over how visiting search engine robots index your website. Prevent certain pages from being indexed to prevent false data and even disallow crawlers from entire regions.

Automatic SEO for products and categories

The best ecommerce platform for SEO

Randomly Generated Featured Products

Having updated content is really important for search engines; 3DCart can randomly pick Featured products for your home page and display a different selection every time your Home page loads. This feature is also available for cross-selling related products on each one of your product pages; these can be a random selection from products assigned to the same category.

Dynamic Meta Tags for Product Pages

3DCart creates custom meta tags for all your product pages in a dynamic manner. It uses the information from the product name, category, description and keywords to create the Description and Keywords meta tags. You also have the ability to specify your own custom meta tags for each product.

Product and Category Index

To have a SEO Friendly Shopping Cart you need a site map. 3DCart includes a Product Index and a Category Index that lists all your pages to facilitate the access to the search engines.

Automatically Generated Alt Tags and Link Titles

All the product images and links across the website will have the ALT information for Images and the Title Tag for links defaulting to the Product Names. This will associate images and links with the corresponding products.

Category Breadcrumb Navigation

All the category and product pages include a Breadcrumb on top for easy access to each one of the parent pages.

Dynamic Google Sitemap XML Generator

We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages.

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