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B2B that feels like B2C

B2B that feels like B2C

The vast majority of B2B buyers prefer online purchases straight from vendors. In fact, 93% of B2B customers are looking for sellers that offer the same type of easy, informative, and intuitive shopping experience as B2C stores. Smart B2B sellers cater to this preference, simplifying the process for their buyers and forming new business relationships.

3dcart is renowned as the preferred solution for business-to-consumer online store worldwide, but our robust, full featured platform is also perfect for B2B eCommerce brands. The tools included in the 3dcart platform are made to scale with any size business and enable you to sell to anyone, anywhere.

All you need to serve B2B customers

3dcart has everything you need to serve B2B customers and offer them the shopping experience they're looking for. Whether you're a wholesaler, reseller, manufacturer or any other B2B business, you can build the perfect site to appeal to B2B buyers.

Global B2B eCommerce

Mobile-friendly design

Ease the online shopping process with powerful, customizable themes that allow your store to function seamlessly — and look great — on all devices.

Endlessly scalable

Your 3dcart website grows with your business, and can handle any number of transactions, products, customers, and sales.

Integrate and expand

Enhance your online store's capabilities as needed with 3dcart apps. Add new features and functionalities, or integrate with dozens of other services.


Personalize the Shopping Experience for B2B Customers

Personalize the Shopping Experience for B2B Customers
  • Customer groups

    Segment your B2B clients with customer groups, and set different minimum order requirements, pricing, and other specific options (like payment, shipping, and promotions) for each group.

  • Controlled visibility

    Require registration on your website to create a store for members only. Hide products and pricing from unregistered visitors, and block purchases by non-members.

  • Price levels

    Set your pricing based on customer group or type rather than per product listing, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Powerful B2B Ecommerce Features

Bulk Price Discounts

Bulk Price Discounts

Set pricing discounts based on order quantity, independent of customer group pricing and price levels. Bulk discounts can be combined with any other pricing options.

Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum order quantities

Freely set minimum quantities for bulk discounts, or require items to be purchased in multiples of any number, per product.

One-click Reordering

One-click reordering

Customers who make the same order on a regular basis can save this order in their account to be reordered with a single click.

Streamline Bulk Orders with the Quick Order Pad

Save time for your customers by letting them import part numbers or SKUs along with the quantities they need, rather than needing to browse your whole catalog.

Customers can input the sku of multiple products and specify a different quantity for each of these and add all of them in bulk to the cart, without having to browse through your website.

The Quick Order Pad will enhance the overall shopping experience for your customer by adding a simple, intuitive way to purchase any of your products.

It works great for catalog orders, wholesale products, auto parts, and most products that are commonly ordered by Part Number and do not require additional selection of product options.

Handle B2B and B2C simultaneously

With the use of customer groups and other versatile Quick Order Pad, you can sell to anyone, anytime. If your business plan involves selling to both B2B and B2C customers, separating and keeping track of them is a breeze.

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