Payment providers that support hard-to-place merchants

If you sell Adult products, ammo, e-cigarettes, or tobacco, these processors are for you

Credit Card Processors for hard-to-place merchants

Let's face it: in business, not every merchant can rely on the same solutions. It's no different in eCommerce, and depending on your industry, you may find that certain payment providers won't work for you. Terms of service can vary widely, which can lead to you struggling to find a solution if you sell products that many payment providers view as "high-risk." Some payment providers simply won't process payments for merchants whose products require age checks or have different legal status across state lines.

That's why 3dcart has partnered with payment providers willing to work with merchants who sell products subject to certain restrictions. If you sell products requiring customers to be over 18 or 21, such as adult products and e-cigarettes and tobacco, or if you sell firearm ammunition governed by differing state laws, these payment processors are for you. Now you can freely operate your online vape shop, adult store, or ammo and gun accessory shop.

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